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When Society Got You Feelin' Old As F**k

"Egg Freezing: When Do You Know It's Time?"

This is the headline of an article that was published in Essence magazine earlier this year. The real topic of discussion though was age and fertility.

So let's get into this hot topic today.

"Fertility is easy for those who are younger. Fertility is harder for those who are older."

This is society's message to women.

Yes, age is the strongest predictor of fertility. But you know what? Age also predicts other things like cancer and becoming a millionaire. It's like age has its nose in everybody's business.

Thankfully, not everyone gets cancer. And sadly, not everyone becomes a millionaire.

Because this age thing is being thrown at us left and right we don’t really stop to ask WHY.

WHY is age the strongest predictor of fertility success, whether you’re hoping to conceive naturally or will be using IVF or some other form of intervention?

It’s because age represents the accumulation of wear-and-tear, just like miles on a car.

Some cars have been carefully maintained, gently used, and they still look brand new with only a few miles on them.

On the flip side, some cars have been through a lot, racking up tons of miles for their age.

And guess what? We have our own version of mileage—the biological age—and it's even more crucial than our chronological age (you know, the years we've completed a full orbit around the sun).

Now, here's the part no one is sharing with us—lean in and listen closely.

Your biological age is more significant than your chronological age. And…

Your biological age is an epigenetic process. This means that you have a lot of control over how quickly your miles accumulate.

If you feel, think, eat, relate, and generally live like the average woman over 35, you are much more likely to have the fertility of the average woman over 35.

But here’s a critical piece of the puzzle most overlook…

Exercise and clean eating are not the full picture. Negative emotions, stress, and a lack of safety in yourself, your relationships and your environment accelerate your wear-and-tear.

We can’t just green juice or exercise our way out of the reproductive damage caused by living in a chronic state of fight-or-flight, self-criticism, self-doubt, and social comparison that characterizes the collective mind today.

We have to be different from the average woman over 35. We have to do things differently than the average woman over 35. Only then, we will have fertility better than the average woman over 35.

More on this later so be on the lookout for the next newsletter.

Until then...

To defying societal norms,

Dr. K. Duga

PS I created a tool to help you get clarity on the underlying issue of your fertility struggles. It's call the Fertility Body Type Quizᴛᴍ. If you haven't taken it already then here's your chance.

Click here to take the quiz for free.

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