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Do you struggle with PMS?

The week leading up to menstruation can bring us much discomfort. We feel rage, our moods swing, we have crying spells, acne resurfaces, we gain weight and our breasts get tender.  Simply put, life is colored red and it feels chaotic!

We’ve come to think of this week as a syndrome. But this week is not an illness, rather it is a necessary process of our emotions rising to the surface to be expressed.

When no pregnancy occurs we enter the pre-menstrual phase. Progesterone gets the message that it is no longer needed to support the uterine lining (the ‘nest’) and begins to drop drastically. The nest begins to dismantle ushering in the energy of destruction. 

I call this The Fire Goddess phase (Days 22-28) - the time to feel your anger and allow it to destroy aspects of your life that do not sustain you. 

You must stand up for yourself and voice your pain. As women this process is important because it’s critical for our self-preservation. 

Your power as a woman lies in your ability to express both your creative & destructive energy. 

So, own your full power! 

Stay in the flow.

Dr. K. Duga 

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