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Sacred movement is medicine.

I remember leaving my first Haitian Folkloric 
dance class feeling like I was in my body.
Crazy thing is before that moment
I didn't realize how much I was out 
of my body.

During that class I fell in love with the
Yanvalou. The graceful movement of the 
shoulders and the luscious pelvic rotations
aroused something erotic in me. The
Yanvalou felt like long lost kin. It took a lil while
for my body to connect to her but when it did
I felt like I returned home.

During this sacred movement clinic we will
be remembering the dances of our ancestors
and returning home to our true feminine nature.

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My name is Dr. Kertia Duga. I am a dancer, physician and teacher. I ampassionate about using dance as a healing modality. Particularly, teaching sacred movement and dance to women struggling with fertility and reproductive health challenges. 

In my clinical work with women I have discovered that one of the reasons so many modern day women struggle with their health is because they are disconnected from their bodies. 

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