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Your Fertility Body Type Is



First off..A huge shout-out to you for being committed to learning more about successfully getting pregnant. You’ve already come so far. It's been a long journey and now you’re seeking other options, preferably a personalized game plan that decreases the amount of time to get pregnant, saves you money on fertility treatments and lowers your risk of fertility treatments.  That, my fren, takes resilience and determination which shows that you're not one to back down from a challenge and settle for less than what you desire. You're a force to be reckoned with, Sis!

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Which means you’re a smart woman (a smart woman who knows that you can’t overcome fertility challenges without an approach personalized to your unique fertility body type.)

Now it’s time to discover what makes your fertility unique, gain clarity on the root causes of your fertility challenge and begin designing your personalized game plan to transform your fertility and achieve your dream of being a mom.



So, you're a bawse, handling everything like a pro. Family, work, you name it! Slayin’ challenges is your superpower. But let’s keep it real, you're tired!


Now, here's the tea on your hormones...   

Your ovaries are worn out, no longer producing the same amount of estrogen and progesterone making you more susceptible to stress hormone cortisol.

You may be experiencing belly fat and sudden body changes for the first time in your life. Perhaps you used to have an hourglass shape but now have an apple, pear or rectangular body shape. 


This is the hallmark of menopause. You may feel like your metabolism is shut down altogether and you are a victim to your hormones. All of a sudden you're living in a body you barely recognize in the mirror.


Night sweats and hot flashes can sneak up outta nowhere and it's often hard to muster energy to get through the day. Your youth hormones that used to keep your brain sharp and moving at full speed have started to slowly drop off. This can lead to brain fog, depression or lack of motivation.


To add insult to injury, all the fat in your breasts, hips and butt suddenly decide to pack up and move to your tummy. And your belly slowly continues to grow. At this point you may just feel like giving up on your body.

But fear not, my fabulous fren! Balancing your hormones and metabolism is the key to retiring like the Queen you are and slaying that belly fat.


If you wanna learn how to master menopause, then grab your favorite drank, pull up, have a seat and let's chat.

Are you ready to do the right things to get your estrogen and progesterone in check? The Pause was created just for you!

The Pause

Upgrade to VIP quiz result to get access to our secret botanical formula, The Pausecreated for your unique Fertility Body Type.


Get bonus access to The Fertility Body Type Manual and get full specifics on the foods, activities, exercises & supplements that will work best for your Fertility Body Type + Becoming Queen of Your Mind-a mental health audio-program to get your mind right & fertile.


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natural born dope dancer, medically trained & naturally focused physician and creator of She Does Medicine: Natural & Integrative Fertility.

I've always been the friend who my girls call during a health crisis. However, there's one health crisis that I was not made aware of until it was too late. 

One summer afternoon in the height of the covid pandemic I received a call from my aunt. She said "You haven't visited in a while but you're gonna have to visit soon. Unfortunately, this visit will not be a good one." 

Less than twenty four hours before her call my dear cousin and friend, Eda, passed away hours after giving birth to her second baby.  Her death undoubtedly left a mark on not just my life but my work as a physician.  She is the reason why I decided to focus my practice on women's health and fertility, particularly the fertility health of black women.

So, these days I use my skills to help women design winning health game plans to not only get pregnant in the quickest time possible but to get healthier before doing so.

I've developed my own step-by-step process to help women trying to get pregnant (like yourself!) feel their best, look their best and function at their best so that they can achieve their dream of being a mom. 

I love personalized fertility treatment plans because they're effective, affordable and give women more options.

If you want to get healthier all while improving your fertility, you're in the right place.

Behind you are the series of failed fertility treatments, endless doctor visits that don't provide clear answers as to why nothing you've tried has worked and all those painful feelings of shame, frustration, disappointment, hopelessness, loneliness, failure and anger.  

But ahead of you is where you'll turn your painful fertility journey into an epic journey of healing and transformation.  

I'm so excited that you're here and very honored to be standing right here with you in this pivotal moment of your journey into motherhood. 

To Your Joy,


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Me giving Eda's eulogy with my mummy beside me...


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