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It is time to stop relying on others to understand our fertility and take charge of studying and comprehending our own bodies. There is no one who knows you better than yourself. If you are unfamiliar with your fertility, it is time to embark on a journey of self-discovery. And that's precisely what the Fertility Body Type Manual aims to assist you with.


The Fertility Body Type manual is an easy to understand and implement, science-based approach to natual fertility improvement and optimization.  It will help you tap into your full fertlity potential.  


It includes:


  • The Fertility Body Type Quickstart Guide:  when it comes to increasing your odds of getting pregnant and decreasing your time-to-pregnancy, there's simply NO substituion for foods and activities that balance your hormones.  This guide maps out for you exactly what to DO next on your fertility journey.
    • Carefully laid out plan on how exactly to adjust your 4Ms to work best for your unique Fertility Body Type. That inlcudes metabolics (exercise), meals, mindset and movement plan.
    • Clinically proven  personalized botanical supplements for your unique fertility 


  • One Page Cheat Sheet To Create Your Metabolic Meals: this cheatsheet provides a list of foods allowing you to pick multiple combinations and fertility friendly proteins, carbs, starches and fat for those with busy lives.


  • Hormones 101: an easy to understand lay out of how your hormones and fertility work


PLUS get the following bonus inside the manual:


  • Taming Your Brain To Become Queen Of Your Mind - a pre-recorded, 3-series brain based therapy session to help you find peace, feel confident, power, in control and conquer the stress disrupting your hormones. Become the woman who can create the family legacy of her dreams.  



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