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In less than 30 days learn the secret skills to turn your painful fertility journey into an epic journey of healing and transformation.

Doctor-Designed, Ovulation-Focused, Female Centered, Individualized Detox, Diet & Exercise Program for Fat Loss and Natural Fertility Improvement

SNATCHED © is a transformative lifestyle medicine group program

that re-thinks

conventional fertility care by optimizing the two proven components for successful pregnancy: healthy ovulation and balanced metabolism. By combining the hormonal science of fat loss, the healing power of fasting with the revolutionary science of female metabolism, SNATCHED shows women how to stop an accelerated biological clock and reverse reproductive metabolic damage so they can lose weight, feel good and achieve their dreams of being a mom. 

  • Based on Dr. K. Duga's Clinically-Proven FLOW Method

  • Designed to Decrease Time-To-Pregnancy

  • Improve Your Health & Fitness

  • Increase Your Treatment Options

  • Improve Your Outcomes With Your fertility Treatment

  • Decrease Your Stress & Anxiety Caused by Not Having A Game Plan To Get Pregnant

  • Keep Your Finances Strong By Not Having To Jump To IVF

  • Keep Your Finances Strong By Not Having To Repeat Multiple Rounds of IVF

  • Improve Ovarian Function, Estrogen, Progesterone, Ovulation, FSH Levels, AMH Levels & Egg Reserve (so that you can have a baby with your own eggs)

  • Enhance Female Fat Loss (including around the belly)

  • Reverse Early Perimenopause and Early Menopause

  • Increase Your Odds Of Getting Pregnant

  • Boost Your Energy, Improve Sleep, Balance Mood

  • Decrease Pregnancy Complications

  • Improve The Genetic Material You'll Be Passing Down To Your Baby

Most people think fertility treatment is about hormones. It’s not.


Most people think fertility treatment is about enduring uncomfortable medical procedures. That isn’t true either.


Clomid, IUI, and IVF are the common conventional approaches to fertility care. The problem is, it doesn’t work for most people. You can be as diligent and consistent at doing all the things but if you are spending your time, money and energy on the wrong things, you are increasing your odds of failure, not success.


Most people view fertility as something fixed and binary, either you’re fertile or infertile, something you either have or don’t have. 


But fertility is something very different.


It’s more like a modifiable system that can be shaped, molded and changed.


And more importantly it's a flexible pressure gauge that’s always looking out into the world measuring stress.


Its concern is your survival.  All it cares about is are you recovering adequately from stress and is it bringing you back to balance.


You constantly stress it with fertility drugs, shots and procedures and it reacts by putting baby making on hold, making it really difficult if not nearly impossible to get pregnant.

You constantly stress it by dieting and exercising more and what does your fertility do? It reacts by causing hunger and cravings which results in binge eating and weight regain.


You constantly stress it with overwork, and it reacts by blocking the communication flow between your brain and reproductive system to keep you safe.


In those situations you think you’re improving your fertility, but in reality you are setting yourself up for failure.


You ever watched a kid try to run up an escalator that was going down? Now, imagine that escalator matching your pace and always staying one step ahead of you. You would be in for the ride of your life with nowhere to go but down. That is what following the standard diet, exercise and fertility treatment advice will get you. 

And that is why one of the most common disappointments among women trying to conceive is their failure to get pregnant when they want to get pregnant.  They are often labeled as infertile when they struggle to get pregnant within 6-12 months of trying to conceive. SNATCHED shows women that decreasing time-to-pregnancy (TTP) is possible and how to conceive quickly.




Now, here's the truth, standard approaches to fertility treatment and weight loss were never designed for a woman. Never designed for your specific fertility, for your specific metabolism, for your specific hormones.  And never designed to optimize your female fertility.


That’s where SNATCHED is different. 


SNATCHED recognizes that fertility and female metabolism are closely connected.


The connection: Fertility is a mirror into female metabolism and how well it is working.

SNATCHED is designed to optimize your female fertility -conditioning your fertility to function at its greatest and healthiest potential. It teaches you to work with your hormones, so that you thrive in your health, fitness and fertility. 

SNATCHED is based on hard science, sound nutritional data and remarkable testimonials from women Dr. K. Duga has helped in her online clinic. Unlike standard fertility care, SNATCHED teaches women how to 1) take control of the factors that modify their fertility, metabolism and biological clock and 2) successfully sync their diet, exercise and lifestyle with their female hormonal cycle. This method releases the fertility system from chronic stress, induces metabolic flexibility which activates fat loss, high energy and regular, healthy ovulation. The method gives women trying to conceive the power to control time-to-pregnancy and conceive quickly. 

This clinical approach is radically different from the expensive drugs and shots that have excluded some women, failed many and even made many women feel worse.

Designed To Address How Stress Affects The Female Metabolism & Fertility System: Regain Your Resilience





The hidden problem most women struggling with fertility challenges are facing is called reproductive metabolic dysfunction.  This dysfunction develops when the fertility system gets damaged from a stress response that is constantly turned on and shifts the reproductive system out of reproduce mode and into fight or flight mode.


In the beginning of this dysfunction most women feel fatigued, irritable, wired and anxious at night but tired in the morning.  Eventually they end up with performance problems like feeling exhausted in the morning, having mid day energy slumps and brain fog making it difficult to concentrate and perform tasks.


Next, they begin to have difficulty losing weight, burning fat and start gaining unwanted belly fat.


As the dysfunction becomes more severe they begin losing their libido and start noticing changes in their menstrual cycles that become irregular or disappear completely.


And finally they may even start to develop digestive problems which can cause gas, bloating, constipation, food sensitivities, skin issues like eczema and chronic joint pain.

This dysfunction is what underlies conditions like fibroids, PCOS, endometriosis, early menopause, low ovarian reserve, heavy menstrual bleeding, obesity, infertility and the list goes on.

SNATCHED is designed to reverse this dysfunction by doing the following:

  • Rest the Nervous System

  • Restore Hormones

  • Repair Digestion

  • Replete Nutrients

  • Rebuild Mitochondria

  • Reboot Metabolism

How It Works: Dr. K. Duga’s Clinically Proven FLOW Method for Female Fertility 


















The FLOW Method: 

Cracking the Code to Motherhood









Are you confused why you're being told "everything looks good" or "everything looks normal" after months or years of trying to get pregnant with no success?


Every time you go to the doctor hoping to get some answers as to why you're not getting pregnant all you get is....


After you've answered a gajillion questions, ran all the tests, taken clomid which only got you sick (not pregnant), been injected with some unknown liquid to see if there are any tube blockages, pregnancy, no baby.


Now you're mad because not only are you still not pregnant but now they're sending you medical bills for procedures that didn't even work. 














And now you also find yourself in a cloud of frustration and confusion because after you've spent money and time following your doctor's orders both you and your doctor have no clear answers as to why nothing you've tried has worked.


But with no clear answers you can't make a decision of your next steps, so you do nothing while you wonder what other solutions are out there.


In the meantime you're getting older as the days roll on by and worry constantly about your fertility struggles.  And maybe you've concluded that the reason you haven't gotten pregnant is because it's just not God's timing, which sets you up to fail.  


But you feel deep down in your bones you can have a baby so you somehow motivate yourself to start trying again but this time you want a more natural approach without the drugs and shots.  


Before you get back on your fertility journey here is the #1 problem that is widespread and setting up most women to fail:


Spending money and time on the wrong thing


Most women trying to get pregnant don't spend their time, energy and money on the real problem of their infertility.  They spend most of their precious resources on rounds of expensive drugs and painful shots that often don't work (or even make matters worse) because these treatments 1) do not address the root cause of their 'infertility' and 2) do not focus on helping women improve their health.


But you MUST have a strategic game plan that improves your health for a healthy pregnancy. You need a strategy that reverses fertility aging by identifying and addressing the root causes of your infertility

​Your game plan needs to focus on these 4 step-by-step actions:

Step 1: Find the Root Cause.

This is the most important step because it provides the CLARITY that you need to know what best steps to take to achieve weight loss and your dream of being a mom. 

Step 2: Let go of limiting lifestyle habits. 

​This is an essential step in making the small changes that your body requires to feel your best, look your best and function at your best before having your baby. 

Step 3: Overcome reproductive aging.

​This is a fundamental step in slowing down the biological clock and rebalancing major fertility organ systems that are often nearly shut down by the chronic stress response - causing fertility challenges like irregular periods, early menopause, PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, obesity, low AMH and unexplained infertility.

Step 4: Welcome your SuperFertile body.

​This is a transition step into the baby-making phase allowing you to finally feel at peace knowing that you created the best odds to get pregnant.

This 4-step process is the FLOW method that Dr. K. Duga uses in her clinic to help women get healthier to prepare their body for pregnancy. 

It is a proven method that has helped women lose weight easily and regain their hourglass feminine physique, women going into early menopause drastically improve their cycles, pregnant women at risk of miscarriage stay pregnant and give birth, women who have miscarried have their rainbow baby and women who have never been pregnant before get pregnant within 6 months of implementing this strategy.

And this is just a sneak peak of the successes this strategy has helped women achieve.​

​Have you hit a wall in trying to understand why you can't have a baby?


Maybe you feel like you've reached an end point in your fight with 'infertility'?

Or perhaps you're trying everything to not jump to IVF?

​Then the FLOW Method was created just for you.

The FLOW Method uses the “4M” Framework to teach you, step-by-step, how to adjust your mindset, movement, meals and metabolics to your hormone type and to each phase of the menstrual cycle. 








Think of your fertility as a pyramid with 4 levels. The base provides a strong foundation and each level builds on top. This results in a strong, resilient structure. It can handle any stress that life throws at it and bounce back with ease.

Diet and exercise are not the most important parts of this pyramid.  There are two other areas that are even more important.

Here they are in order of importance:

#1: Mindset

The female body is way more sensitive to stress than the male body. We respond to stress differently depending on where we are in our menstrual cycle and what stage of life we are in. So we react to stress in a way that’s much more different than men. 

Now why would that be the case? From an evolutionary stand-point we are the child-bearing and child-rearing gender. So, our body’s need to be very clear about whether it’s safe to have a baby or not. 


And because of this the female body has a more sensitive, refined mechanism to detect stress than men’s bodies. 


When you’re stressed, your body releases the stress-hormone cortisol. It can disrupt sleep, irritate your mood, impair thyroid function, block fertility and slow metabolism.

Stress can also increase appetite and cravings and force weight gain, especially around the belly.

Research shows women generally carry more stress in their lives than men. It may be the modern century, but women still mostly end up being responsible for running the household.

Women are the ones who notice when things need to be done. And women are the ones that plan and organize how to get those things done. Social scientists call this phenomenon the “mental load.”

That’s why there’s a huge focus on resting, relaxing and recovering in SNATCHED. This “me time” can serve as a very powerful antidote to the damaging effects of stress-induced cortisol.

Ironically, cortisol itself is not the enemy. It can actually be your best fat burning friend under the right conditions. SNATCHED teaches you how to use cortisol as an advantage to burn fat even faster.

#2: Movement

Most people believe exercise is the key to weight loss. While exercise certainly is important, there’s another physical activity that is far more important: movement.











Technically, it’s referred to as Non-Exercise Associated Thermogenesis (NEAT). And it’s a commonly ignored, but crucial part of fertility and the female fat-burning metabolism.

NEAT burns 200% more daily calories than exercise. (i) That’s why women who walk and move a lot are thinner and healthier than those who don’t (even those who exercise).

However, NEAT doesn’t just include walking. It includes all the moving you do during your day. Things like standing up and sitting down, fidgeting, typing on your computer and even breathing are NEAT activities.

Now, the extra calorie-burn is nice, but there are two more important benefits of NEAT:

First, movement helps block the effects of fertility-blocking cortisol and the fat-making hormone insulin. (ii) That means when you get enough NEAT, more of the food you eat gets burned for energy, less gets stored as fat and more gets used to boost fertility.

And lastly, moving enough helps to reduce the stress-hormone cortisol. (iii) Too much cortisol can break down muscle, bone and connective tissue. It can also encourage fat storage, especially around the belly.

That combination can have catastrophic consequences for fertility, the female figure and health.

That’s why in SNATCHED you’ll get simple NEAT activities you can do daily. They help protect your body and brain from the damaging effects of stress-induced cortisol.  And help keep you fertile, fit, lean and happy by keeping fat-storing insulin under control.

#3: Meals

Most weight loss programs force you into a restrictive, one-size-fits-all diet. They rely on willpower to lower calories or eliminate entire food groups. Not only is that not enjoyable, it doesn’t work for long.

SNATCHED takes a different, hormones-first, approach. Once you get in sync with your hormones, your hunger and cravings normalize. And you eat fewer calories, naturally, not by force.

You are unique: metabolically, psychologically, and in your preferences. You must find the diet that’s right for you. When you don’t, things backfire. When you do, life gets easier, fast.

That’s why SNATCHED teaches you to become a metabolic detective instead of a dieter. You’ll design your own diet that works for your hormones, your metabolism and your food preferences.

And you’ll be taught to do it in these 3 easy steps:

First, you’ll discover the foods your hormone type needs, at the right times, to get the most out of your workouts. Eating the right foods, at the right times, can make a huge impact on how effective your workouts are at fat-burning.

Second, you’ll learn how to eat in cycles that are in sync with your natural female hormonal cycle. This cyclic eating method releases your fertility system from chronic stress, helps your metabolism stay in fat-burning mode and away from frustrating plateaus.

And third, you’ll get delicious meal recipes and detailed shopping lists as a guide. However, this is just a start. You will learn to create a diet designed for you, by you and how to change it as your hormones change.

This 3-step hormones-first approach works regardless of whether you're menstruating or in menopause. It’s what programs your fertility to become super-fertile and your metabolism to burn food for energy, instead of storing it as body fat.

That’s what leads to consistent weight loss, natural fertility improvement, all-day energy and relief from chronic symptoms.

#4: Metabolics (Workouts)

The Female Specific Workout Roadmap:
  • Takes Minutes, not Hours

  • Fast Results, not Frustration

  • Done Anywhere, not at Gym

  • Burns Fat, not Muscle

  • Lifts Energy, not Exhaustion

  • Less Hunger, not More

The first 3 Ms are powerfully effective.  They create a healthy, hormone-friendly way to lose weight, keep it off all while improving fertility.  However, the 3 Ms aren’t enough to create a more fertile, lean, shapely physique.

That’s where metabolics help, also known as working out. But not the regular ole kind that forces you to work out harder if you aren’t getting results.

That can stress the female metabolism, disrupt your sensitive thyroid, fertility system, adrenal glands and make you feel worse. The answer, instead, is to workout smarter.

That’s why SNATCHED features metabolic workouts that are 45-second, “intelligent” 3-in-1 exercises. They combine cardio, resistance and fitness training into a single, hyper-efficient exercise.

The workouts are just 15 minutes, 3 times a week.


But here’s the best part:

These “intelligent” workouts stimulate your metabolism to keep delivering results for up to 48 hours after your workouts. (iv)


That means your body keeps burning fat and sculpting lean muscle on the days you’re resting.

This “metabolic effect” is something the traditional long, boring workout cannot deliver.

And, they’re super-convenient. You can do them in the comfort of your own home, save hours of driving to the gym while also saving on gas money. You can even do the workouts in a hotel room while traveling or on vacation!


Each of the workout phases is designed to upgrade your body, fertility and metabolism in a safe, methodical way. Step-by-step you enhance your nerves, muscles, coordination, strength and conditioning.

Finally, these workouts help revitalize your body to ensure your heart and lungs stay strong, your bones stay sturdy and your mind stays sharp as you age.


And finally, the FLOW Method teaches you how to adjust the 4M framework to each phase of the menstrual cycle.










      How SNATCHED Can Change Your Life




















Designed Specifically for the Female Body: Tap Into Your Natural Female Metabolic Advantage


Most weight loss programs and fertility treatment protocols are one-size-fits-all.  Standard weight loss programs in particular are based on the same old research and outdated assumptions.

A little-known fact you may not be aware of, for the past 100 years, nearly all of the exercise and nutrition research has been done on men.(v) Young, healthy, college-age, MEN to be exact!

The problem with this is, women aren’t just slightly different than men. Women are completely different than men. 

Women have different hormones, a different metabolism and a different mindset. So women need a customized solution. And now it’s here.

SNATCHED empowers you with female-specific wisdom and tools. It teaches you how to sync what you eat, how you eat, exercise and live to your natural female hormonal cycle.

Notice in the graph below how dramatic your female hormones change during each and every month throughout your menstrual cycle:


Or the changes that happen throughout your reproductive years:



Now, don’t you think your daily habits and choices should change as well?


What works for your fertility in one phase of your menstrual cycle or in one stage of your life may not in another.

These hormonal fluctuations are also why exercising and dieting like a man can be dangerous.  


In fact, one study found exercising like a man can suppress a woman’s thyroid which negatively affects her fertility and metabolism.  


An impaired thyroid slows down everything in the female body from digestion to brain function, to fertility, to metabolism and fat burning.

Not only that, another study found that by exercising like a man, women significantly increase their risk of getting hurt.(vi)

SNATCHED solves these problems because it’s thoughtfully designed specifically for women. It adapts as your hormones change.

Adapting as your hormones change helps you tap into your natural female metabolic advantage to lose weight and be super fertile- fertility that can work for you against major odds. It keeps you and your hormones in sync and gets you feeling your best, looking your best and functioning at your best before having your baby.  Life just gets better.


Customized To Your Hormone Type: As Your Hormones Change, The Program Changes


Most women trying to get pregnant have tried the same standard fertility treatments as the next woman who has very different fertility challenges.  But every woman’s fertility has a unique hormonal type. And those hormones change over time. 


In fact, there are 7 major hormone types you can experience over your lifetime. Each has a different impact on your fertility, weight, and well-being.

Conventionally, any hormone type that varied from the “perfect” female with a 28 day cycle and day 14 ovulation has been viewed as a dysfunction to be “dealt with”. 

However, there is no such thing as a “perfect female”. There’s just the best version of you.

That’s why inside SNATCHED you’ll find a simple assessment that determines which of the 7 hormone types best describes you. You’ll then get the tools to customize how you eat, exercise and live to be a perfect match for that type.

It’s a lifestyle that restores your hormones, balances your hormones and decreases your time-to-pregnancy. And it can be a blessing for women who have:


  • Tried to get pregnant unsuccessfully

  • Experienced miscarriages

  • Taken clomid with no success

  • Tried IUI & IVF with no success

  • Excess weight (particularly around the belly)

  • Heavy menstrual bleeding

  • Painful menstruation

  • Periods with no ovulation

  • Mood swings, anxiety or irritability

  • Hot flashes and night sweats

  • Constant hunger and intense cravings

  • Body aches and joint pain

  • Low energy, low motivation and trouble sleeping

The era of one-size fits all solutions that rarely takes into account the unique hormonal needs of women, leaving them feeling unheard, out of answers and still unwell is over. You deserve the golden opportunity to finally feel what it’s like to work with your body, instead of constantly fighting against it.

    How the FLOW Method Has Been Transforming Women’s Lives

Here’s What’s Included: The Complete Female Fertility Optimization Program


SNATCHED covers all foundational keys to fertility health: nutrition, workouts, mindset and healthy living. It’s designed to be the last program you’ll ever need to get in shape, feel great and get pregnant.

It gives you all the tools and knowledge needed to personalize the program. You can adapt how you eat, exercise and live in response to how your body’s natural hormonal cycle changes month to month.

You deserve something unique, something customized to your female fertility, your female metabolism, your female hormones, your female body, and your natural rhythms. This allows the healthiest version of you to unfold.

Here are the tools in SNATCHED that will help:

The 4-Week Body-Snatching Workout Plan







The workouts in SNATCHED are based on the idea of working out smarter, not harder.  It lasts 4 weeks and is structured into 2 phases with different workouts.

This follows Dr. K. Duga’s “just enough rule”: not too much exercise to stress your metabolism. And not too little that you don’t get results. But just enough to get you the most results in the least amount of time.

This works very well if you’re short on time and have struggled to get results in the past.

Here’s why women love this smarter, not harder approach so much:


In SNATCHED, you’re done in 15 minutes flat, no matter your weight, fitness level or workout experience. The workouts seem like they’re over just after you start! Plus, you’ll never repeat the same workout back-to-back. That keeps you excited, motivated and the results coming.


SNATCHED combines cardio, resistance and fitness training into single, hyper-efficient, 45-second “intelligent” moves. After 15 minutes, your metabolism does the extra work by continuing to burn fat and sculpt your body for up to 48 hours after.


The workouts in SNATCHED can be done anywhere – whether in the comfort of your own home, in your hotel when traveling, or even in the gym (if that’s what you prefer).

Customized to Your Fitness Level

The workouts inside SNATCHED are designed for “YOU.” That means you push at your intensity level, not someone else’s. When you “Push Until You Can’t, Rest Until You Can,” you will stimulate the right combination of hormones that amplify your fat-burning results.

The 2 Body-Sculpting Phases:

Phase 1: Balance (Weeks 1-2)

Phase 1 gets your hormone-signaling systems working properly. That allows you to enjoy the benefits of exercise, without overloading you with too much stress. The simple moves gently restore your brain’s hormone “command and control center”. This awakens your fertility and prepares your body for the changes to come.

Phase 2: Motivate (Weeks 3-4)

Now that you've awakened your fertility system, phase 2 will motivate your body’s cellular machinery to shift into reproduction mode and burn body fat for fuel. A new set of moves wakes up your mitochondria (your cellular energy factories) to turn fat into energy at top speed. This gives you a flexible fertility, capable of bouncing back into reproduction mode and a flexible metabolism burning either fat or carbs when needed.


The female body is extremely sensitive. It’s constantly reacting to the environment around it. It’s constantly changing as your hormones change. And also changes as you progress through different stages of life. Mastering how to adapt to these changes can be confusing.

That’s why Dr. K. Duga also includes her detailed SNATCHED Roadmap. It’s like your personal fertility instruction manual. It shows you how to adapt as your body changes.

This allows you to tap into your unique metabolic advantage to lose weight and thrive as a woman. It provides you the ultimate personalization to make sure the best version of you is present.

Here’s what you’ll discover in the SNATCHED Roadmap:

  • Hormones 101 – Understanding your female hormonal cycle and how it impacts your metabolism can be confusing. Dr. K. Duga clears this up so you can make sense of your own body and how it reacts.

  • 4 M Framework – Dr. K. Duga uses a clinically-proven “4 M” framework to help you optimize all 4 key aspects of your fertility so you can customize and adapt as your hormones change.

  • Hormone Type – You’ll gain a deep understanding of your current hormone type, what its unique challenges are, but also how to overcome those challenges to lose weight and conceive quickly.

4 Week SNATCHED Meals Plan

The days of one-size-fits-all diets are over. Eating right for your Hormone Type is the key to feeling your best, looking your best and functioning at your best.

This helps get your fertility back on track to stop an accelerated biological clock, improve fat loss and fertility. 

That’s why you’ll also get the 4 Week SNATCHED Meals Plan where all of the hard work is done for you. These delicious meals will boost your metabolism while keeping your taste buds satisfied.

Here’s what’s inside the 4 Week SNATCHED Meals Plan:

  • Delicious Recipes – Mouth-watering, gourmet chef-designed meals that are quick-and-easy to prepare and custom-tailored to support your unique hormone type and fertility.

  • Weekly Meal Plans – You’ll know exactly what to eat and when. You’ll also have detailed guidelines so you can create your own meals, perfect for the picky eater.

  • Shopping Lists – Detailed list of everything you need for each meal so you can be in and out of the grocery store in minutes with no overwhelming measuring or converting.

  • Customization Options – Whether you are menstruating or not, this plan will have detailed customization instructions for your Hormone Type to help you get even faster results.

SNATCHED Live Group Q & A Calls










One of the major reasons why women struggle on their fertility journey is because they are isolated and lack a support system that will help them transform their health. 


A lot of women go at it alone because of the shame. But the isolation causes them to feel discouraged and hopeless on their fertility journey and puts them at risk of giving up too soon.


But women who have support are more likely to have success.


In your support system, you need the advice of a doctor who can give you clear answers to what’s at the root of your fertility challenge and provide a roadmap to navigating those obstacles. You need peers that’s going to hold you accountable and cheer you on when the journey gets rough. 

During the program you will have access to weekly 90 minute live group sessions where Dr. K. Duga answers questions about the program content, your health and fertility, and specific strategies for your case. You will also have access to a private community of women on a similar health journey from around the world. 


Plus, Get These Bonuses When You Reserve Your Spot Today:

Fertility Awareness Method Training


One of the biggest challenges women face on their fertility journey is not understanding how their menstrual cycle works. This lack of understanding stems from myths that many women have been taught about their bodies.

One of the most common myths is that women can get pregnant every day of their cycles. The science shows there are only six days in the menstrual cycle where a woman is fertile and pregnancy is possible.

This myth along with others steer women into relying on an app or other tech devices to predict ovulation. But there is a more accurate way to track ovulation. It is called the Fertility Awareness Method.

The Fertility Awareness Method teaches you how to accurately identify the fertile days of your menstrual cycle and confirm ovulation. So this method takes women from playing the guessing game with ovulation to knowing with certainty.

These 10 video lessons are packed with images, diagrams, demonstrations and handouts to support you in your new journey to learning about your body and how your menstrual cycle actually works.


TAME Your Brain For Fertility Therapy












One of the secrets to making new health habits stick is becoming the woman who can transform her health. 


Most women are able to get quick wins when starting out on their health journey. But when they run into an obstacle they usually go back to their old habits and give up. 

The reason why this happens is because they are only focused on doing things instead of making it a habit to be the woman who can do the things with little to no effort.


Instead of working out when you feel like it, you have to be consistent. 


Instead of avoiding situations that scare you or are out of your comfort zone when it comes to your fertility, you have to be courageous. 


Instead of waiting for motivation, you have to be disciplined. 


Instead of giving up after disappointment and failure, you have to be resilient. 


Are you catching the drift?


A lot of women who want to achieve their dream of being a mom, still want to be the old version of themselves. 


But this journey requires you to sacrifice the old version of you and evolve into a leveled up version of yourself if you want to become the woman who can create the body and the family she desires.


Tame Your Brain for fertility therapy audio-recordings will transform your mind for success by reprogramming old beliefs, biases and behaviors that no longer serve your SNATCHED lifestyle so that you can embody the new character traits of the woman you desire to be.

So, Queen, right now you have a choice...


What you decide will determine how you’ll look, feel and function 4 weeks from today.

You could finally experience the hope and joy you're longing for.  Or you could still be hopeless and sad.

You could be SNATCHED and fit into your clothes. Or you could still be frustrated and uncomfortable in your own body.

You could be full of energy and feel better than you have in years. Or you could still drag through the day, praying for just one good night of sleep.


You could feel strong, healthy, confident, hopeful and in control of your fertility. Or you could still feel like a victim.


Now, here’s the thing…

Women have been conditioned to WAIT. Wait for their hero. Wait for that man to complete her. Wait for God to send her husband. 


And then when women finally go to their doctor for help getting pregnant, they are told to WAIT and try for 6-12 months before getting the help they need.


A 2013 study in the journal Human Reproduction showed that most people (68%) get pregnant within 3 months of trying.


This study revealed that the odds of getting pregnant get lower and lower each month after the 3rd month of trying.  Less than 1 out of 4 women will get pregnant between month 4 and month 12.  And the odds continue to decrease beyond 12 months.


It shows that the strongest odds of getting pregnant are by the 3rd month of trying.

So that means the medical recommendation to seek help after 6 or 12 months of trying is not grounded in scientific data.


A more accurate science-based recommendation based on this study should be to seek help after 3 months of not getting pregnant. 


So if you’ve been trying to get pregnant for more than 3 months, you no longer have the luxury of waiting. 


The longer you wait, the faster the biological clock ticks.









Click the button below to reserve your spot in the SNATCHED program and begin drastically decreasing the amount of time to holding your scrumptious baby in your arms.

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Scientific References

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2 Misconceptions Blocking You From Success...

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Women Are Saying:

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Regina, 40, Perimenopause

"My biggest breakthrough in working with Dr. Duga was figuring out what was actually going on in my body.  I had a lot of inflammation.  I wanted to start working on getting pregnant but I was really worried.  Because of the inflammation and the pain I was already having I worried that I would have a really painful or difficult pregnancy or just not be able to get pregnant. 


Being able to understand what was causing the inflammation, understanding that gut health was so important to be able to even start looking at fertility and getting that under control with diet, supplements and fasting, detoxing - which are things I usually see attached to weight loss not necessarily general health-was my biggest breakthrough.


Right now on my fertility journey I'm doing great, I'm currently 28 weeks pregnant, which is a big surprise, we had been trying for 10 months. I ended up getting pregnant on my birthday, so that was a great birthday gift. "


Tam, 32, PCOS

"I honestly don’t know where to start. By the time I came to Dr. Duga, I was more than desperate for answers regarding my lack of menstruation. I’d seen several doctors who all said it was normal and not to worry. One doctor casually said that it may be PCOS with no explanation and a prescription for Provera. 


To me, it wasn’t about not having a flow, I think most women would welcome that. It was the fact that no flow = no ovulation and as someone in their child bearing age with potential plans for children in the future, this worried me. I also felt that there had to be a reason why my body wasn’t functioning properly, but nobody had the answers or cared enough to dive deep. 


That all changed when I confided in Dr. Duga. She was committed from the very beginning. She literally used data that was available to some of my previous doctors coupled with her expertise and evaluation to craft a theory that led to a goal oriented treatment plan. She didn’t just throw a medication my way. Instead, she crafted a plan that covered all aspects of my being including nutritional, physical, and mental touch points. She was very clear and made sure that I understood the “why” behind everything we discussed. 


My life is literally leaps and bounds better because of Dr. Duga! Progress and changes include: going from 6-9 months without menstruation to what's considered a “regular” cycle every 30 ish days, decrease in length and heaviness of my flow, losing nearly 30 pounds due to diet and lifestyle changes, and a complete 180 in my hormone levels which might actually be the most shocking to me considering that my previous doctors never pointed out how out of wack they were. I can go on and on because my experience has just been so life changing! It has been such a relief to not just be given cookie cutter answers and to have someone really prioritize my health. 


Overall, I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Duga to anyone who’s seeking a truly transformative experience focusing on womens/reproductive health with a doctor who cares and prioritizes her clients with a goal oriented treatment plan based on data, research, and nature. Thank you Dr. Duga!!!!" 

Courtney with Baby.jpg

Dr. Duga is very knowledgeable in fertility. She helped me after child loss and guided me on how to manage hormones, while also providing me with supplemental knowledge on my personal health concerns. I'm very thankful for your help Dr. Duga and glad you were a part of my journey. 

Courtney, 29, Miscarriage

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About Your Fertility Consultant


Dr. Kertia W. Duga is a licensed fertility doctor and has been a healthcare professional for over 15 years.


She first discovered that she wanted to become a health professional very early on in her childhood while growing up in a small Haitian community in south Florida.


She started her studies in medicine while she was in high school as a medical magnet student and it was during this time that her passion for helping people get well and stay well really started to grow.


Determined to become a medical doctor she furthered her studies as an undergraduate chemistry major at University of Miami's pre-medicine program. 


A year into college she changed her major to nursing. During her nursing career she gained very valuable insight into our medical system that completely changed the trajectory of her healthcare career! 


While working as an ER nurse she realized that women needed more than just access to healthcare.  They were often confused about how their bodies worked and therefore stuck in finding a solution to their health problems when conventional medicine failed at getting them results.

In 2012, she made the shift to Naturopathic Medicine and has since become one of the very few medically trained and naturally focused Fertility specialists. Her work today helps women and couples get out of the "infertility" struggle so that they can have a healthy pregnancy without the emotional and financial stress. 

She is a sister to many women as a Soror to the ladies of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and the oldest of three siblings.  She is a dancer and is always down for loungin', struttin' and dancin' on the beach. 

About Your Fertility Doctor

Professional head shot_pink background.png

Dr. Kertia W. Duga serves as the 'middle fertility doc' between the gynecologist and reproductive endocrinologist (IVF doctor), caring for the brave woman and couple navigating through the confusing landscape of 'infertility'. 

She is the best kind of doctor to see if you feel like your diagnosis doesn’t tell you what’s wrong. She takes her time to see the connections, and follow symptoms of disease to the root of the problem.

She is able to identify the root causes of your ‘infertility’ by using functional medicine testing, advanced hormone testing, looking for ‘optimal’ levels in your labs, not just ‘normal’, and reviewing your menstrual cycle charts with you. 

Dr. Kertia W. Duga is a board certified naturopathic physician which means her medical specialty is in a subset of medicine called naturopathic medicine.  Think of your family doctor, but instead of using drugs and surgery first, while knowing very little to nothing about diet and exercise, Dr. Duga uses drugs second and is an expert in nutrition, exercise, supplements and botanicals. 


She has been a healthcare professional for over 15 years.  She is the founder of She Does Medicine: Natural & Integrative Fertility, an online women's health clinic that expands access to quality health care that meets the market demand for affordable and effective fertility treatment options.

As a naturopathic physician with a subspecialty in integrative endocrinology- the study of hormones and metabolism, she is an expert in the natural treatment of many woman's health conditions and has used her expertise to create a natural proven protocol that helps women and couples increase their odds of getting pregnant. 

While working as an ER nurse she realized that our medical system doesn't address the root causes of the medical conditions most patients are facing.  And because of this people who only access health care through the medical system rarely become better or healthier when they are having health issues.  As a result. she witnessed patients get stuck in finding a solution to their health problems when conventional medicine failed at getting them results.  

Inspired to create a new model of health care that helped patients improve their health and thrive in life, she made the shift to naturopathic medicine in 2012 and has since become one of the very few medically trained and naturally focused women's health specialist. Her work today helps women and couples get out of the "infertility" struggle so that they can have a healthy pregnancy without the emotional stress. 

She is a sister to many women as a Soror to the ladies of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and the oldest of three siblings. She is a dancer and is always down for loungin', struttin' and dancin' on the beach. 

(Spots Are LIMITED!)

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