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Tired of the
'Infertility Cloud'
that's hanging over

My name is Dr. Kertia Duga and I help

women and couples trying to get pregnant (and stay pregnant) for years

address the 'Infertility Cloud'

so that they can get

pregnant without the costly drugs and shots

by going through an

affordable, non-toxic, step-by-step 

natural Fertility process

If you're tired of the stress and ready to address the
'Infertility Cloud'
that's hanging over
click below to get started

I honestly don’t know where to start. By the time I came to Dr. Duga, I was more than desperate for answers regarding my lack of menstruation. I’d seen several doctors who all said it was normal and not to worry. One doctor casually said that it may be PCOS with no explanation and a prescription for Provera.

To me, it wasn’t about not having a flow, I think most women would welcome that. It was the fact that no flow = no ovulation and as someone in their child bearing age with potential plans for children in the future, this worried me. I also felt that there had to be a reason why my body wasn’t functioning properly, but nobody had the answers or cared enough to dive deep.

That all changed when I confided in Dr. Duga. She was committed from the very beginning. She literally used data that was available to some of my previous doctors coupled with her expertise and evaluation to craft a theory that led to a goal oriented treatment plan. She didn’t just throw a medication my way. Instead, she crafted a plan that covered all aspects of my being including nutritional, physical, and mental touch points. She was very clear and made sure that I understood the “why” behind everything we discussed.

My life is literally leaps and bounds better because of Dr. Duga! Progress and changes include: going from 6-9 months without menstruation to what’s considered a “regular” cycle every 30 ish days, decrease in length and heaviness of my flow, losing nearly 30 pounds due to diet and lifestyle changes, and a complete 180 in my hormone levels which might actually be the most shocking to me considering that my previous doctors never pointed out how out of wack they were. I can go on and on because my experience has just been so life changing! It has been such a relief to not just be given cookie cutter answers and to have someone really prioritize my health.

Overall, I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Duga to anyone who’s seeking a truly transformative experience focusing on womens/reproductive health with a doctor who cares and prioritizes her clients with a goal oriented treatment plan based on data, research, and nature. Thank you Dr. Duga!!!! 

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