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So how did she do it?

Well it comes down to relentless focus on 5 key things…


While most women who are trying to get pregnant focus their money, time and attention on fertility treatments that don’t work and trying to keep up with endless doctor visits that don't provide clear answers as to why nothing they’ve tried has worked, my clients and I are quietly getting get good outcomes focusing on the only 6 things that truly matter.


Interested in learning what these 6 things are?


In order to learn what to focus on, let’s first understand the problems. 


When I look at the current fertility journey most women take I see these 5 problems that are widespread and setting up most women to fail:

1. Lack of preparation with no strategic game plan.


Most women trying to get pregnant don’t realize that we are no longer in the age where you can have a baby the old fashion way without encountering some challenges along the way. Female and male fertility is on the decline and has declined by more than 50% in the past four decades. Almost all men today would have been considered infertile two generations ago.  As a result, more and more women and couples are seeking fertility treatment. Oftentimes the only fertility treatment options given to women consist of costly drugs and painful shots that have very low success rates. 


If you want to have more options and a more favorable outcome with your fertility treatment, then you MUST have a strategic game plan that prepares your body for a healthy pregnancy.

2. Doctor visit after doctor visit that never gives answers.


Most women trying to get pregnant have been told visit after visit “Everything looks normal, I don’t understand why you’re not getting pregnant.”  Most of the time this scenario plays out because their doctor does not have the time or concern to dive deep and do a thorough work-up that puts the pieces together. 


But getting clear answers on why you’re not getting pregnant or why nothing you’ve tried has worked is the most important step in the fertility journey. 


If you don’t have clarity, then you CAN'T possibly know what steps to take to reach your destiny to become a mother.

3. Cookie cutter protocols.


Most women trying to get pregnant have tried the same standard fertility treatments as the next woman who has very different fertility challenges.  These standard fertility treatments are either prescribed by their doctors or self-prescribed from generic information that they find online. But every woman’s fertility is unique and that’s why the most successful fertility treatments are personalized. 


If you want to be successful in getting pregnant, then you MUST stop using treatments that are not personalized to your uniqueness.

4. Women not understanding how their bodies work.


Most women trying to get pregnant don’t really understand how their bodies work. This lack of knowledge results in women not knowing if they ovulate because they lack the skill needed to know if they’re ovulating. So, they rely on an app to track ovulation.  However, relying on an app to identify your ovulation is the surest way to fail at timing sex and waste precious biological clock time. 


If you want to time sex at the perfect time, then you MUST learn how to read the fertile signs that your body sends you every month. 

5. Spending money and time on the wrong thing.


Most women trying to get pregnant do not spend their time, energy and money on the real problem of their infertility. They spend most of their precious resources on rounds of expensive drugs and painful shots that often don’t work (or even make matters worse) because these treatments 1) do not address the root cause of their infertility and 2) do not focus on helping women improve their health.


The truth is that most women can’t get pregnant because they typically have an underlying health issue that’s not being addressed. Most women intuitively know that good health and being able to get pregnant go hand in hand but they usually don’t know where to start and their doctors usually provide no guidance on how to do this. 


If you want to be successful in getting pregnant then you must focus your attention on the root cause of your fertility challenge while improving your health.

Are you making any of these 5 mistakes?


The truth is that if you are making any of these mistakes then you are wasting very precious biological clock time and may miss your golden opportunity to become a mom or grow your dream family.  The world has changed and the old fashioned way of getting pregnant without any preparation will set you up to fail. 


A new breed of woman has emerged and is equipping herself with the knowledge and confidence necessary to get her body healthy so she can get pregnant easily, carry to term without any complications and achieve her dreams of becoming a mother. 

If you don’t change what you’re doing (or not doing) your dreams of becoming a mother or growing your family will leave you behind. However, if you want to make changes and join the winning side of women trying to get pregnant then…


I Have Good News!


I am offering a complimentary consultation so that you can get clear on which fertility options are best for you.


You can click below to schedule your consultation.

It’s a new world out there and I can give you the tools needed to become this new breed of woman that has the knowledge and confidence to take her fertility success into her own hands-however-if you don’t do anything about your fertility or change what’s not working, then chances are that you will remain trapped in a cycle of hope and despair. 


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