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Welcome Queen.
Click the video below to hear my special message to you (less than 7 mins).

Before scheduling your consultation...
Please take a listen to the 2-part video series below (less than 10 mins) to learn how your female body is different than the male body and how stress is blocking you from getting pregnant.


The Stress-Sensitivity of the Natural Female Body


Stress & Fertility 

If you're READY for a strategic game plan that will help you feel your best, look your best and your fertility function at its best before having your baby so that you can get pregnant sooner rather than later, then I invite you to move forward with step 3.

If you're NOT READY to move forward with a 1-on-1 game plan consultation, but would like to learn more about reproductive metabolic dysfunction and the plan to appropriately address it, then I invite you to move forward with step 4 at the bottom of this page.


  Choose A Date & Time To Schedule
Your Online SuperFertility Consultation

Here's what you can expect during your consultation (up to 60 minutes):

1. Hormone & Metabolism Assessment: a quantitative assessment of how well your hormones and metabolism are functioning

2. Fertility Body Type Assessment: an assessment to help you discover what foods, activities & lifestyle changes will work best for you and your fertility health goals

3. A second opinion on labs and recommendations on lab testing


4. Learn what other options are available to you


5. Gain clarity on the root causes of your fertility challenge and guidance on the next best steps to achieve your dream of being a mom or growing your family


6. Experience hope & confidence that your dream of being a mom or growing your family is possible for you


7. Have a strategic game plan to increase your odds of getting pregnant so that you can get pregnant in the fastest time possible


8. Knowledge of whether or not your fertility system is functioning at its greatest potential to create the family legacy of your dreams


Step 4:

The Hidden Cause of 'infertility': Reproductive Metabolic Dysfunction

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