used to refer to a woman or girl.



to perform an action.



the art & science of being in the flow with the laws & principles of nature for the preservation and restoration of health.

Our VISION is to create a global community of women committed to working together to build & sustain a culture of HEALTHY & POWERFUL women.

Our MISSION is to meet the market demand for affordable fertility treatment options that offer higher success rates by focusing treatment on health promotion, provides personalized care, treats the underlying causes of 'infertility' and uses health education as a form of healthcare.

Our VALUES center on Nature, Community & Spirituality.

Being a powerful woman is not just about looking good, it's about full embodiment of vibrant fertility, personal power & confidence. - Dr. K. Duga

I am a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, Fertility Specialist and creator of She Does Medicine, an online Natural & Integrative Women's Health & Fertility clinic. 

As a former ER nurse I realized that women needed more than just access to healthcare. They were confused about how their bodies worked and often stuck in finding a solution to their health problems when conventional medicine failed at getting them results.

In 2012, I made the shift to Naturopathic Medicine and have since become one of the very few medically trained and naturally focused Fertility Specialists. My work today helps women and couples get out of the "infertility" and miscarriage struggle so that they can have a healthy pregnancy without the emotional & financial stress. 

I am also a sister to many women (to my Sorors...Ooo-oop!) and the oldest of three siblings. I am a dancer and am always down for loungin', struttin' and dancin' on the beach.