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used to refer to a woman or girl.



to perform an action.



the art & science of being in the flow with the laws & principles of nature for the preservation and restoration of health.

Our VISION is to create a global community of women committed to working together to build & sustain a culture of HEALTHY & POWERFUL women.

Our MISSION is to meet the market demand for affordable fertility treatment options that offer higher success rates by focusing treatment on health promotion, provides personalized care, treats the underlying causes of 'infertility' and uses health education as a form of healthcare.

Our VALUES center on Nature, Community & Spirituality.

Being a powerful woman is not just about looking good, it's about full embodiment of vibrant fertility, personal power & confidence. - Dr. K. Duga

Dr. Kertia W. Duga is a board certified naturopathic physician and has been a healthcare professional for over 15 years.  She is the founder of She Does Medicine: Natural & Integrative Fertility, an online women's health clinic that expands access to quality health care that meets the market demand for affordable and effective fertility treatment options. As a naturopathic physician, she is an expert in the natural treatment of many woman's health conditions and has used her expertise to create a natural proven protocol that helps women and couples increase their odds of getting pregnant. 


She first discovered that she wanted to become a physician very early on in her childhood while growing up in a small Haitian community in south Florida.


She started her studies in medicine while she was in high school as a medical magnet student and it was during this time that her passion for helping people get well and stay well really started to grow.


Determined to become a medical doctor she furthered her studies as an undergraduate chemistry major at University of Miami's pre-medicine program. 


A year into college she changed her major to nursing. During her nursing career she gained very valuable insight into our medical system that completely changed the trajectory of her healthcare career! 


While working as an ER nurse she realized that our medical system doesn't address the root causes of the medical conditions most patients are facing.  And because of this people who only access health care through the medical system rarely become better or healthier when they are having health issues.  As a result she witnessed patients get stuck in finding a solution to their health problems when conventional medicine failed at getting them results.  

Inspired to create a new model of health care that helped patients improve their health and thrive in life, she made the shift to naturopathic medicine in 2012 and has since become one of the very few medically trained and naturally focused women's health specialist. Her work today helps women and couples get out of the "infertility" struggle so that they can have a healthy pregnancy without the emotional stress. She serves as the 'middle fertility doc' between the gynecologist and reproductive endocrinologist, caring for the brave woman and couple navigating through the confusing landscape of 'infertility'. 


She is a sister to many women as a Soror to the ladies of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and the oldest of three siblings.  She is a dancer and is always down for loungin', struttin' and dancin' on the beach. 

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